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Who's Running the Redskins Offense?

Sadly enough, as a Redskins fan it's easy to get caught up in the John Beck hype. Most of us are homers and are quick to blindly endorse Beck, and Beck himself has made it easier for us by saying and doing all the right things this offseason. Sure, Beck is a hard worker and articulate person, but why are we so quick to hand over the reigns to a guy who was traded for Doug Dutch last year, basically the NFL equivalent of a bag of practice balls (Sorry Doug)? Why aren't we questioning this more? And why aren't we more worried?

I was reading a piece yesterday by Pete Prisco of CBS Sports, the article centered around the possible decision to start Beck, but made me question more the way this staff is put together and more specifically how present nepotism is.

Credit that one to the Shanahan family -- son, Kyle, is the team's offensive coordinator. Inside the team's building, there are plenty who wonder why McNabb won't be around to be the starter.

"I'll tell you why," one source said. "The son doesn't like him."

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So we sit here and talk about what QBs Shanny wants and who fits his system, but this is looking more and more like it's Kyle's system. I think if Kyle wasn't around then all the McNabb BS wouldn't have happened (could be a stretch). I also think it's clear since Day 1 that Shanny is just grooming a team that will probably be a 35th birthday present for Kyle when Big Shanny hangs it up.

But let's say this is Kyle's offense, then why would he go with John Beck when he has been tied to Rex Grossman for over two years now? And as one NFC coach put:

"If they thought so highly of him, why didn't they play him late last year when they benched McNabb?"

Man, I'm really hoping this season brings some stability in more ways than one.