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Wes Bunting Breaks Down 2012 QB Class

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I know since the draft passed that next year's QB Class has been a hot topic of conversation for Hogs Haven. Wes Bunting just released a piece briefly highlighting most of the prospects. 

Some of the names that intrigue me are below, you can read the whole article HERE.

Ryan Lindley: San Diego State (6-3, 218)
A tall, lean quarterback prospect with a great arm, but will need to prove he can still be efficient with a new head coach and two new receivers to throw to come September. However, the tools are there.

Kirk Cousins: Michigan State (6-3, 205)
A tough, savvy Big Ten quarterback who knows how to move the chains, is accurate with the football and consistently wins football games. He’s not as naturally gifted as some of the other top QB prospects on the list, but he just finds a way to get the job done.

Matt Barkley: USC (6-2, 220)
If there’s one guy who could challenge Luck for the top spot it’s USC’s Matt Barkley. Barkley has started for the Trojans since his freshman year, is efficient in a pro-style offense and even as a freshman was a leader of men. Look for him to take that next step this season in year two under Lane Kiffin.