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Kicking Tires: What About Jim Sorgi?

One quarterback situation that I've been very intrigued in, besides our own, is the situation in Cincinnati and the major possibility that Carson Palmer may not be back. The Bengals really caught my eye this weekend because they were the first club that I've seen, besides the Skins, that are linked to a potential signing of Rex Grossman. Right now, it looks like Andy Dalton is not the opening day starter and the Bengals will kick the tires on a veteran like Rex, Charlie Frye, and Jim Sorgi.

I have little interest in Charlie Frye, at all, but I have to admit that Jim Sorgi is a name that has completely flown under the radar and really got me thinking.

For the purpose of this debate, lets totally assume McNabb is out of the picture. If that is the case then we will probably have a full out QB battle this training camp and the only guaranteed competitor in this death match right now is John Beck. But I think it would be good to have another "veteran" in there competing with Beck, and if its not Grossman then why not Sorgi?

Sorgi will be 30 at the start of this season, and the 6'5 200lbs QB has spent most of his years backing up Peyton Manning, and was most recently cut by the Giants. In the very limited action that he's seen, Sorgi has had a QB rating just below 90 and 64% completion percentage, while throwing 6 TDs to 1 interception. I'm also hoping that he has learned quite a bit from Peyton.

This could sound like crazy pills, but given a last resort where McNabb and Grossman are both elsewhere, I would love to see a three-way battle between Beck, a guy like Sorgi, and then a rookie like Pat Devlin or Scott Tolzien.