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Pickin' Boogers NFC East Roundup: Draft Edition

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Earlier this year I released a "column" called "Keeping an Eye on the Enemy", I hope to keep this going over the course of the season, but in the spirit of our division rivals I have renamed the column "Pickin' Boogers".

We are almost a week away from the draft and we've been able to digest nearly everything surrounding the Redskins' draft picks. But how did our divisional rivals fair? And who are some new names we have to keep an eye out for come September?

New York Giants: In my mind the Giants had one of the best drafts in the NFL and certainly in the division. They obtained extreme value in all of their picks. Two great value picks and guys I'm not looking forward to seeing on 9/11 are their 1st and 2nd rounders Prince Amukamara and Marvin Austin. Those two picks alone greatly improve and already solid Giants defense. In the third round NYG went with a slot WR out of Troy, Jerrel Jernigan, this was a minor reach in my mind but Coughlin is great at coaching up WRs and Jernigan can take some time to develop. The other pick that really stood out, from a value standpoint, was getting MLB Greg Jones out of Michigan State in the 6th round! Jones is a gamer and was projected as a high 3rd rounder by most.

The one thing the Giant's didn't do was re-tool their offensive line, which is bordering on ancient. They did add James Brewer out of Indiana, but he's a project and they are going to need to add a lot more down the line. I would of said o-line was the biggest need going into the draft for NYG and they pretty much neglected it.

Philadelphia Eagles: This was an interesting draft for the Eagles and I don't think I'm really a fan of it. I like Danny Watkins the OG out of Baylor and hated to see him go to Philly, but I really thought Philly would fill a dire need at CB with their first rounder and draft Jimmy Smith. Maybe this signals they will go after Nnamdi Asomugha hard? Then the Eagles made a huge reach in the second round by getting a hard hitting safety right from right down the street (Temple) in Jaiquawn Jarrett. I don't know if they are looking for the next Brian Dawkins or what, but I think Jarrett will be a huge liability in coverage. And has anyone else noticed that Eagles have been consistently bringing in smaller than normal and quicker players? It's an interesting trend and it will be interesting to see how it ends up. I do like the Curtis Marsh pick in the third, he's a solid CB prospect.

I'm not in love with rounds 4-5 for the Eagles. They grabbed MLB Casey Matthews, who is severely overrated in my eyes and just riding off a family name. Also Dion Lewis in the 5th seemed like a reach. But the thing that really stood out was taking kicker Alex Henery in the 4th! Henery was a great college kicker, but struggled from 50+. But does this spell the end for David Akers? What if Akers beats him out and the Eagles just totally flushed a pick down the drain? I'm just not in love with this, especially since no one else took a shot at a kicker the whole draft.

Dallas Cowboys: As much as I hate to admit it the Tyron Smith pick is great, and the fact that the Cowboys drafted three guys for the offensive line is big for the future of this team. In the 2nd the Cowboys picked up Bruce Carter from UNC, I thought it was a high pick for Carter who may only see the field on special teams this year. I think he'll be the most scrutinized player from this draft for the 'Gals. De'Marco Murray, RB, Oklahoma was also an interesting pick, he's had some injury issues and this most spell the end for Marion Barber's time in Big D. The rest of the draft was kind of ho-hum... Josh Thomas the DB out of Buffalo could be a steal, but I don't understand grabbing another WR in ECU's Dwayne Harris.  They also got a male pattern baldness standout Shaun Chapas who was solely drafted so that Jason Witten can get a group discount membership to Hair Club For Men.