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Hogs Haven Votes For Top Ten Redskins Draft Successes

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As we noted below, our attempts to organize the thoughts and feelings of the community are beginning to take shape. We will be trying to put together a string of posts in our new "Final Answer" series that will be the starting point for future debates (so that we don't have to spend a month unearthing one bust a day ever again).

We'll continue to go about go about it in a rather un-scientific way: I'll throw up the 10 Draft Success candidates and everyone will vote for one. I will then rank order the group based on the poll results. If there is a guy that people feel simply does not belong on the list, say so in the comment section and provide a replacement suggestion. If anyone agrees, rec that comment and I will fold that into the final tally. The result will be our second "Final Answer" post (the first one will be the Draft Busts.) This series of posts will hopefully fuel as well as settle countless arguments in the Redskins fan community.