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Daily Slop: NFL Scout High on John Beck; Redskins Have Drafted 3 Nebraskins Before

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Looking At John Beck As A QB Prospect
He passes the THE RULE OF 26-27-60 and The Parcells Principle.

Washington’s last trio of Nebraskins - DC Sports Bog - WaPost
In 1975, the Redskins also drafted three players from Nebraska. Here are their boring stories.

Razzano: Redskins get a B; can win with Beck | John Keim | WaExaminer
Longtime NFL scout Dave Razzano chimes in.

Top 5: Locals selected in the NFL Draft | WaExaminer
Eight players selected in the NFL Draft this weekend were from D.C.-area high schools. The list includes...

Browns mistakenly called wrong player during NFL draft - Yahoo! Sports
Remember that post I did on how dizzying the combine was with the large number of Camerons there? Well, Browns took it to a new level.

YouTube - Funny Song Parody About Washington Redskins Albert Haynesworth
Parody on Paul Simon's classic "Call Me Al" about Washington Redskins Albert Haynesworth by Mike Wise, Holden Kushner, and Matt Kazaam. (embed video after jump)

Kurt Warner: Palmer Would Be Best Fit in Arizona - Cincy Jungle Blogs - Alexa Flutie is joining the Patriots
As a cheerleader. She's not nearly as hot as Tony LaRussa's cheerleading daughter.