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Looks Like Someone Has a Sixpack of the Mondays

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1. It was a holiday weekend, so this column still works for pretty much everyone today.

2. I have been gone for a week from Hogs Haven, and let me tell you it was not easy. football, no Caps, sweet hotel room in Glendale, was kind of easy. But a busy work week indeed. The hardest part of working for a living is the work part.

3. Every time I travel, I am amazed at the reception Hogs Haven gets from towns all over the country. At a bar outside of Phoenix, I showed up wearing my Sean Taylor #21 home jersey. A crowd of about 25 people quickly surrounded me and I had no less than 8 beers thrust in my face. I was asked repeatedly about how hard it is to write about the NFL when there is no football. I was asked multiple times about the FedEx vs RFK experience. And I was asked by just about everyone if Kevin was a dude or if it was actually my 1-year old daughter writing under a pseudonym. Talk quickly turned to the draft that we just had, and before I knew it, it was 2 AM and the bartenders had put the 1987 Super Bowl video on. The rule was everyone had to do a shot for each TD the Redskins scored in the second quarter. Before I knew it, it was almost 7 AM according to my body clock (Eastern Time) and there were still roughly 30 people standing around talking about the glory days of the Redskins.

4. that only happened in my head. What really happened was I ponied up to a bar to watch the NBA Playoffs game between Dallas and OKC and the bar had like 150 beers on tap. My goal was to try and drink one of each, but I got hooked on a Scottish Amber Ale and stuck with it for about 7 hours. An NFL Films video was showing on one of the TV's that featured a segment on the Hogs. That is when I imagined the above story actually happening. I can assure you seemed very real to me at the time.

5. I still think very highly of the good folks in Arizona. I got into more than a few discussions regarding the Cardinals' quarterback situation. You know what I heard more often than not? They really like the idea of bringing in Donovan McNabb. I was a little shocked. I mean, it wasn't like, "I wouldn't mind making the move for McNabb." It was, "I really think bringing McNabb here is a good idea." I think everyone kind of agrees that Donovan is likely Minnesota-bound. But if the Arizona front office is even half as interested in McNabb as the fans I spoke to are, we could get some action there.

6. Is anyone watching Game of Thrones on HBO? I cracked out on the first five episodes, On Demand-style. Sometimes it is hard to tell if something is good when you are eight-balling it like that. But it seems pretty damned good. I never read the books, so the first question is are the books worth reading if you are already watching the show? The second question is if you read the books, is the show living up to the hype?