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Daily Slop: Chris Wilson Wants Carlos Rogers Back; Romo Gets Hitched

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Candid Chris Wilson Talks Redskins " CBS Washington
"Carlos is a great man-to-man cornerback. I think a lot of people would have liked to have see him get his hands on a few more balls as far as interception-wise but at the same time he’s not getting beat. I would like to see Carlos be here. He’s a hard worker, a cornerback that can tackle. Very physical and as he continues to get better I think he can help us."

Redskins' Banks to use wounds as motivational tools |
Banks' Dad says he sees a difference.

Haynesworth may settle road-rage case - Crime Scene - WaPost

Deep Threats |
Anthony Armstrong only Redskin to make list.

Tony Romo Had A Beautiful Wedding, Even Though He Invited Wade Phillips - Deadspin
Here's a photo of the happy couple. Read ESPN Dallas's report: