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Haynesworth Doesn't Know What Private Property Is; Settles 1 Lawsuit

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Yep, it's a slow news day, again. Next Tuesday we're possibly going to have Vonnie Holliday as our Pickled Hogs Radio show guest, so save the date on that since there is another CBA court ruling on June 3rd (Holliday is the Redskins NFLPA rep). 

Haynesworth arrived at his attorney's office today in where #92 settled his road rage case for punching a motorist. He still has the groping lawsuit set for a future date.

Haynesworth pretended to be on his phone and refused Pat Collins' question because "this is private property." I'm pretty sure parking garages are not private. Haynesworth 1 - Pat Collins 0.

Yes, I realize this post is very TMZish, but see first sentence.