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Why Dejon Gomes Should Be Your New Favorite Player

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Can I buy his jersey yet?

According to The Washington Post, Gomes recently joined sports radio station ESPN 980 and took part in the following Q&A with host DocWalker:

Walker: "All right, let me do word association. I’m gonna give you an IQ test. I’ll say a word, you tell me what the first reaction to it is. Dallas Cowboys."

Gomes: "Losers."

Walker: "Losers. My man. See, I already like him....You already passed the test. You nailed it, my friend."

These new rookies have been very engaging. I know both Niles Paul and Evan Royster took it to the fans on twitter today to discuss what number they should wear. Paul was considering #88 and that was shot down quickly by Redskins nation. Royster also headed out to the Redskins store to pick up some gear to represent his new team. Good to see some excited, refreshing faces in the locker room.