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Top UDFAs That Make Sense for the Skins

There were a lot of popular names that went undrafted this year, guys like Herzlich, Noel Devine, Pat Devlin, etc. all find themselves unemployed or exploring other options, like the UFL, to get some sort of income. But what UDFAs make the most sense in Washington for Mike Shanahan?

Scott Tolzien (QB, Wisconsin)/Pat Devlin (QB, Delaware): It seems like either Grossman or McNabb aren't coming back, which just leaves us with two QBs on the roster. So why not bring in one of these youngsters to camp and see what they can bring in the preseason. I made a case for Devlin earlier in the week, but Tolzien is another interesting prospect. It always seems like Wisconsin QBs are unassuming and just kind of get lost in the mix, but Tolzien has put up better numbers of the years than his predecessors.

Ugo Chinasa (OLB, Oklahoma St)/Pierre Allen (DL/OLB, Nebraska): This all depends on a guy like Chris Wilson coming back to the Skins or not. But Chinasa or Allen could add some flex depth at the defensive line and outside linebacker positions. Chinasa was drafted 8th Overall in the UFL draft by Sacramento last night. Allen was an all Big 12 performer and could have learned a thing or two from Ndamukong Suh.

Nick Bellore (ILB, Central Michigan): This is similar to the Wilson situation in that if Blades does not come back then we need one more guy at ILB and I think Bellore would be the perfect fit. He graduates from CMU with more active tackles then any other player in the country. He only missed one game over his four year career as a Chippewa and averaged over 100 tackles every year.

There are some interesting names bouncing around at other positions where I would not be surprised to see them brought in, but I think we may be done adding prospects at those positions this year.

RB- Noel Devine, Darren Evans, Vai Taua
WR- Terance Toliver, Armon Binns, Jeff Maehl (UFL pick)
OL- Zach Hurd, Kris O'Dowd, Chase Beeler, Jordan Holmes