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Pawns in the Shanaplan: Offense

It seemed like a given that Mike Shanahan and Bruce Allen would draft a Quarterback in this year's draft, but seven rounds passed and no QB. So where does that leave us and what is the blue print for the rest of the offense? ShanAllen drafted five offensive players and in doing so have created some interesting position battles for August (well I hope August).

Quarterback: Who will be the Redskins QB? McNabb seems to be less of an impossibility as each day passes. Rex could be set to be the caretaker. Or Shanny may take stab with the 30 year old "Stormin Mormon" John Beck. There could of course be other names associated with the starting role in DC like Kyle Orton, Vince Young, Alex Smith, and others.

Runningback: This should be a really fun position battle in training camp. The Redskins currently have eight RBs in their stable in Helu, Royster, Torain, Williams, Simpson, Davis, Brown, and McNeil. Right now it looks like a given that Helu, Torain, and Williams will make the squad. Shanny actually moved up in the draft to grab Helu, who is supposed to be one of the best one cut runners in the draft. It will also be interesting to see what hometown prospect Evan Royster can bring to the table.

Wide Receiver: This is another area where the draft created a log jam and a fun position battle. If I was Anthony Armstrong or Malcolm Kelley then I'll be looking over my shoulder and training hard. Right now Armstrong, Austin, Banks, Kelley, Johnson, Price, and Williams are under contract. Santana Moss is still in limbo, but sounded as if he wanted to be and would be back via twitter on Sunday. Then you add the three new WRs into the mix. Hankerson is a big, physical WR that can step in from day one and be the number two WR. I also think Aldrick Robinson may surprise some and could challenge for some serious playing time in the slot.

If there is one Redskins' coach that should be excited after this draft then it should be Danny Smith. He got some big time returners and gunners in this draft in guys like Robinson, Paul, and Gomes.

OLine: Some of us our still screaming that only one OL was taken and it was in the 7th round. Maybe beyond the first two round the Skins just didn't have anyone highly evaluated. Or maybe Shanny got his prospect haul last year and still wants to see what he can get out of guys like Capers, Cook, Monty, and Licht. I think is a given that either Jammal Brown or Ryan Harris will be a Redskins, maybe even a guy like Matt Light. But there are still needs and maybe further depth will be created via free agency. It would have been interesting to see if Pouncey or Wisniewski would have dropped one more spot, then would they have been Redskins?

K/P: I'm going to lump the kickers and punters into the offense also. To Ken Meringolo's dislike none were drafted by us, but quality guys remain as UDFAs. Given our youth movement and QB situation it will be imperative to upgrade these positions. When FAs become available Allen better get on the horn and give guys like Kai Forbath (K, UCLA), Josh Jasper (K, LSU), Chas Henry (P, Florida), and Ryan Donahue (P, Iowa) a call and a chance to compete.