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Who's The Worst Redskins WR Of All-Time?

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It's always so much more fun to decide who're the worst players that have played for the Redskins. Let's face it...there's simply more all-time worse choices than there have been all-time greats. Things get really competitive at the all-time worst WR position. The top 2 vote getter's will be the starters for our all-time worst squad and have the luxury of catching dropping misfired balls from Heath Schuler. This certainly will not be a combination that's going to make anyone forget Manning/Harrison. We have 4 draft busts to choose from along with 2 prized free agent acquisitions that failed miserably. For those of you who are looking for Michael Westbrook on the list, you won't find him. I can't consider a guy that's 7th all-time in receiving yards and 8th all-time in receptions among Redskins receivers one of the worst. Here are your choices, I picked the guy who has 2 more catches in the burgundy in gold than I do.