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Much Needed PR: Dan Snyder Does Another Interview

In a recent interview with FOX5, Snyder reinforces his thoughts that there will be a season this year. He also answers some PR questions and talks about some recent charitable endeavors. The more of these types of interviews Snyder does the better. He's surely taken a PR beating the last few months, so anything to get out there and shed some light on the operations is a good thing. I'm sure a lot of Redskins fans are like me where we want an owner that we defend at tailgate parties versus simply. "Yea..we suck.". There's still a long road to go before that happens, but little steps like these help and I'll always have my ears on.

Steinberg transcribed all the good stuff, which I highly recommend reading.

FOX 5 Goes One-on-One With Washington Redskins Owner Dan Snyder: