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Recap Of John Beck Mid-Season Headlines Twitter Fun

Two weeks ago when Beckamania was at its' worst highest, I sent out a few tweets with the hashtag #BeckMidSeasonHeadlines and the following examples:

Beck the Halls with Throws of Jolly
What the Beck? QB Throws 4 TDs
Redskins Win with Full Beck of Cards

Certainly there is a lot of fun to be had with Beck's last name and headlines. The Redskins community did not disappoint. Here's a collection of the best ones:

"The Empire Strikes Beck: Redskins Owner's Anger Turns Physical Following Eighth Straight Defeat"

New Beck-ing Order in NFC East - Skins Take 1st Place

QB Benched: Shanahan "I don't know what the Beck I was thinking"

All Hands On Beck: QB sacked 19 Times in game for new NFL record.


"Beck to the Future"

Chris Berman will have a field day with "Beck, Beck, Beck, Beck, Beck.... GONE."

"Baby Got Beck: Stormin' Mormon Faces Paternity Suit"
"Shanny to NFC East: "Check Yo Self Before You Beck Yo Self"

"He's Bringing Sexy Beck: Grossman to Start Sunday"
"What a Trainbeck"
"Baby got Beck: Haynesworth Moved to Center"

Destiny Beck-ons; VY benched as Beck rallies Redskins to overtime victory.
Day of Beck-oning; Redskins Avenge MNF Loss To Eagles Behind Beck's 4 Touchdown Performance

Redskins Find the Beck of the Endzone in Win Over Giants

The Beck-Up Plan; Young takes over after rocky start

Beck to Beck wins have Skins thinking NFC East Title

Mullett Over: Beck Experiment Ends With 4th Quarter Benching

Redskins are better than we exBECKted!
Mid-Season De-BECK-el!! QB THROWS 4 picks in LOSS.
Welcome Beck! Quarterback rebounds from a slow start.

Jeff George To Start After Beck Breaks Leg Theismann-Style

Does the Hogs Haven community have any more to add?