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How Many Redskins Ring Of Famers Have Played In The Dan Snyder Era?

What were you doing on May 25th, 1999? 

Perhaps you don't remember quite clearly because you were too busy Livin La Vida Loca while talking on your primitive cell phone so you didn't have to use up the phone line that was being occupied by your 56k internet connection. 

But in case you don't remember, on that day, the Daniel M. Snyder Era of Redskins football began.The young businessman bought the Redskins and the fanbase has never been the same since.

We all know what the results were in the last 12 years, so there's no need to go over them. Here's my question, however:

How many Redskins Ring of Famers have played during the Snyder era?

I've got a few in mind who could be considered ROFers and I'll see what you guys think.

Now, remember, Sean Taylor is already in the ROF and I will exclude him from this conversation. He would have been on this list had he still been an active player. 


1. Chris Samuels: Pretty obvious here. The first and only first round offensive lineman picked from 2000-2009 was pretty stellar for the Redskins during a relatively dark period of the franchises history. He went to six Pro Bowls during that time and was easily the team's best lineman during his entire 10 year career. A no brainer. It's just a matter of when he gets the call at this point.

2. Santana Moss: I got to admit, this is somewhat conditional. He is a free agent at the moment, and if he re-signs, it's a lock he becomes a ROFer. He is by far the most productive receiver in the Dan Snyder era, and frankly, was well worth the salary cap hit it took to bring him here in the Coles trade back in 2005.

3. Clinton Portis: He's the second leading rusher behind only John Riggins. Did he have his bad moments? Of course he did. His mouth certainly got him in trouble more often than not. But his production for the Redskins, especially when healthy, was pretty solid. People might think because of his personality that he may not be worthy of a spot on the ROF. But the bottom line this: Who makes the decision as to who is in the Ring of Fame or not? Dan Snyder. Who does Clinton Portis have an awesome relationship with? Dan Snyder.

4. Chris Cooley: He is more than just a fan favorite; he is one of the most productive tight ends this franchise has ever seen. He holds the single season record for receiving yards by a tight end and also holds the record for most receptions by a tight end in a single season. In addition, he's stayed pretty healthy in his career, with 2009 being the only year in which he did not play the entire season. In the Snyder era, no player has been developed and rewarded better than Chris Cooley has. The team drafted him in the 3rd round and obviously got tremendous value there. The team then waited for him to outplay his contract and when it was time, they extended him, giving him the money he deserved. They have handled him perfectly every step of the way and as a result, he has rewarded the team and the fanbase by being one of the faces of the franchise. 

Possible Runner ups: LaVar Arrington. The way things ended here might overshadow the way things began for Arrington, but time will tell with this one.

What do you guys think about this? How many true Redskins Ring of Famers have played in the Dan Snyder era of Redskins football?