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Vinny and the Ochocinco Trade That Almost Was

This post may make your stomach churn or just renew your general sense of happiness that Vinny Cerrato is out of the picture. Dan Steinberg just transcribed some radio comments from Vinny Cerrato on 105.7 The Fan in Baltimore from last night.  I know most of us remember Vinny trying to trade for Chad Ochocinco in the Spring of 2008. The rumor was that trade was for two first round picks, well last night Vinny confirmed that rumor.

"I mean, I was part of trying to trade for Chad Ochocinco, and when they said no, they meant no. And Marvin [Lewis] would have done it. Two No. 1s, that’s exactly what it was. And I talked to Katie Blackburn’s husband all the time, and he just said listen. I talked to him at the owners’ meetings, and I called him. He said no is no, quit calling, we’re not trading him....

"Drew was pushing it hard, Chad was pushing it hard, and you know what, I think it worked out best for the Redskins that it didn’t happen at the time. I think we ended up with Orapko and somebody else, so I think that worked out well, and Chad has declined quickly."

Thank god Mike Brown might be one the few NFL front office members dumber than Vinny. The comment that stood out the most to me was "I think we ended up with Orakpo and somebody else". WHAT VINNY? You think you ended up with? Somebody else? It's truly embarrassing that this guy was ever part of this franchise, can we get him to move a little farther away? Baltimore is too close for comfort.

Away from Vinny, just imagine the Zorn circus with Ochocinco hanging around. Man we dodged a bullet.