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Daily Slop: Redskins Roundup Links

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Portis also wants to play the Redskins twice a year
“To go to the Giants and get to play the Redskins twice a year after them feeling I wasn’t capable any more, I think that would be outstanding,” he said.

Hearing Loss No Obstacle for Skins' Top Pick | NBC Washington
Kerrigan is deaf in one ear. It’s not a complete hearing loss, but it’s enough to make it difficult when someone is standing to his left. The loss came as a result of a series of serious ear infections as a child, and the hearing loss was diagnosed when he was 8 years old.

HomerMcFanboy " Talking john beck, vince young and more with Fins Beat Reporter Omar Kelly
Good read.

Clash of the Tight Ends: Davis, Cooley Wrestle | NBC Washington
Video of the 2 wrestling.

Lighter Fred Davis Comfortable in Scheme - CBS Washington
"I don’t eat out as much and I don’t eat as many carbs," the 25-year-old said. Davis also said he trimmed some weight by drinking less alcohol this offseason than he has in the past. (Fred is in contract year).

Ten observations from Redskins minicamp | John Keim | NFL | Washington Examiner
Great recap by John Keim.

Drop Percentage: Tight Ends |
Redskins are OK...Celek and Kevin Boss in bottom 10. Witten one of the best.

Top 20 overpaid players in the NFC East – Blogging the Beast
Redskins only have 5...Giants a ton.

Top 10 (+1) underpaid players in the NFC East – Blogging the Beast
Only Orakpo makes this list.

Bears rookie J.T. Thomas takes young lady to 8th-grade dance - Yahoo!
Awesome story.

Video: Cam Newton gets ‘Bieber Fever’ - Yahoo! Sports
This entry is for Parks Smith...I'm so glad this guy is not a Redskin.