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Adam Carriker Talks Nebraskins, 3-4, and Accepts Cooley's Wrestling Challenge (Sorta)

Adam Carriker just welcomed a daughter into the world this week.
Adam Carriker just welcomed a daughter into the world this week.

Last night on Pickled Hogs Radio we welcomed call-in guests Adam Carriker, and Washington Times beat-writer, Rich Campbell. Both are comical, intelligent guys in their own right. Here's the meat of our conversation with the Redskins Defensive End, and former 1st round pick out of Nebraska last night:

Ken: Haslett's success in STL and first year with DC was under-performing. What about Haslett makes him the best coach to get this thing turned around and do you notice a  difference between his time in STL and DC?

Carriker: He's a high-energy type coach. Very vocal. He's still that way in DC, but the thing I noticed is he seemed more calm and relaxed than he ever did in St. Louis. I don't know why that it is, but my personal opinion...[in St. Louis] he was a 3-4 coach trying to play in a 4-3 scheme. And we couldn't go to a 3-4 because we did not have the personnel what so ever. I think he's in his comfort zone [in DC] and this is what he likes to do.

As far as him being the man, he's played in this defense, he's coached in it with the Steelers. He knows how to make it work.

How much is Shanahan involved in the defense?

He's an offensive coach. He would come over and watch for a little bit, but he let's the defensive coaches do their thing.

I would have liked to see the Redskins address the NT position higher in the draft. Kemo seemed to get manhandled and late in the season it was always someone new: Bryant, Vonnie, Daniels. How important is NT?

NT is extremely important. We only got 3 guys on the line, so if one of them is getting pushed around that's not good. As far as Kemo, everyone knows about his Achilles and that was bothering him, but very few people know that the played the whole year with a hurt shoulder. I applaud his effort. And it makes it tough when your constantly rotating guys through because maybe they're trying to learn on the fly. It makes it harder on them and harder for us. That's why I think the second year will be better.

On the Redskins drafting fellow Nebraskin alums - Helu, Dejon Gomes and Niles Paul

We must have somebody in the draft room that knows what they're doing if they're bringing in Nebraska guys. That's my first thought. DeJon Gomes actually got a hold of me on Facebook and asked 'How do I get a playbook?' I told him there's no way to get one with the lockout. He said, 'What do we do for running out there?' He was asking me all these questions, which was great, so I was glad I could help him out with all of that.

Niles Paul has a lot of talent. Honestly, I think all 3 of these guys can play a lot. Gomes, I think they're thinking nickel situation with him. Roy could be starter. I've watched all three play and they're all very talented, athletic players.

Importance of players making these player-led workouts.

I would have been there but my daughter's been in and out of the hospital. She's just getting healthy. As far as being there, it definitely helps, especially when we haven't had them. You only have so many practices. If you have 100 and miss 1, it's not a big deal. If you have 6 and miss it, it is a bigger deal. I've kept in touch with guys so I know what they're doing.

Doug: Cooley wrestled Fred Davis and beat him, and threw out challenge to any of his teammates. Do you accept?

When you think of Olympic-style or mat wrestling, I have no experience, but if he wants to get in a squared circle like in a qualification match, I'm down. We can bring in the chairs and ladders...I'm all for that. Shanahan may not be a fan though.

I bet if we put Haynesworth in the ring, Shanahan would want to join!