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Help Decide The All-Time Best/Worst Redskins Roster

Who are the best Redskins to ever wear the burgundy and gold? A difficult question that’s been argued over many beers in various bars, living rooms and man-caves across the DMV. A more difficult question may be who are the worst Redskins players to ever suit up…or not even suit up because they sucked so bad. Well, faithful Skins fans and Hogs Haven followers, it’s now up to you to decide once and for all.

For the past several weeks I’ve been posting my own personal choices over at my site, But, rather than formulating an all-time best/worst Redskins team from the simple mind of a blogger with a drinking problem (me)…Ken, Kevin and I thought it would be best to let you guys decide the final roster.

Here’s the way it’s going to work. Over the next week or so you’re going to see polls for both the best and worst players at each position. Your job is to pick one…it’s a simple as that. Your choices will come from the players that I nominated from my original post. I will have a link back to my original post which will give you short career highlights and statistical facts about each player. In a case where we know who the best player at a particular position was (#28), you’ll be asked to vote for the player that should start alongside the clear cut favorite.

I’m going to start by going fairly easy on you guys, up first are the QB’s. Here’s the link to the original post. Next up are the Running Backs, trust me…the choices will get harder and the debate will get heated. Please vote below for your best/worst Redskins QB of all-time.