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Who Should Play Right Tackle?

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Whenever this offseason "opens" up the Redskins need to hit the ground running on free agency. There is one glaring hole, in my mind, that needs to be addressed first and foremost, and that is hole at Right Tackle. Right now there are two front runners to fill the void, but which option would be the best for the Redskins?

Option 1: Re-sign Jammal Brown

Pros: This past year was Brown's first time on the right side since his rookie campaign with the Saints in 2005. He struggled at the beginning of the season, while he was recovering from injury, but seemed to be improving as the season went on. Clearly Brown is now familiar with the system and would bring continuity to the line. Also there shouldn't be many other suitors for Brown willing to pay him what he wants, so he could come relatively cheap for the Skins.

Cons: My primary concern is that Brown is now 30 and seems to have lingering injury concerns. He certainly is not the same Jammal Brown that we saw as an All-Pro in New Orleans, so the question is can he regain that form or come close to it? It's also odd to me that he wasn't re-signed or extended in the small negotiating window this winter.

Option 2: Sign Ryan Harris

Pros: Harris is 26 years old, so signing him to play RT would immediately make the line a lot younger. He was also a Shanahan draft pick in Denver, when he was taken in the 3rd Round out of Notre Dame. So clearly Shanny thinks highly of Harris and he's comfortable with him in the ZBS. Also, Harris shouldn't break the bank and would fit nicely into Bruce Allen's budget.

Cons: The past two years Harris has only started 18 games, which makes me very wary. Also, the same Brown situation applies here, if Harris is a solid RT then why are the Broncos willing to let him walk and why didn't they lock him up?

Wild Cards: There will certainly be a number of other players available that could fill in, including: Jared Gaither, Doug Free, Jermon Bushrod, Matt Light, and Willie Colon. But is the ultimate wild card and long term solution moving Trent Williams over to RT? He's said to be better suited there, but I definitely do not think it is in our best interest to make the move this year.