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Looks Like Someone Has a Sixpack of the Mondays

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1. Who is more beloved right now--today--in Redskins Nation: Chris Cooley or Leonard Hankerson, aka Mr. Hanky? I love the kind of high hopes we have for this 3rd round pick. Daniel, Parks and Kevin have talked about this guy today already. He is everywhere right now, but most importantly, the guy has infiltrated our hearts. Besides the possibility that Kerrigan and Orakpo can somehow form some kind of epic linebacking duo, I am most looking forward to watching Hankerson in 2011.

2. Say what you will about the Redskins chances of contending this year...I am looking forward to seeing these young guys play. I would love to see them make some noise, but I am going to enjoy the newness of these players. It's like unwrapping presents on Christmas morning. And after the last draft we had (as well as the upcoming free agency) we have a lot of presents to play with for the first time.

3. Remember when Heath Shuler hadn't played yet? Remember the feeling that we had a guy who was going to be "our guy" for the next decade or more? Uhhhh...this feels different. But man, that was a good feeling...a good, brief feeling.

4. You have not heard me suggest the Redskins want to lose in 2011. You have heard me suggest we are rebuilding. Regardless, Shanahan is still a man who spent a year away from the NFL studying his butt off at various spots, refining his offensive strategies and philosophies. Look for him to take his best swing no matter what (no tanking in the NFL.)

5. The thing about tanking in the NFL versus tanking in the NBA is that it actually makes a real difference. In the NBA, you can get extra balls in the hopper, but in the NFL, you actually draft higher. I have this feeling that Roger Goodell has an extra large can of whoopass for the franchise that blatantly tanks.

6. Any Redskins fans in Phoenix? I'll be here all week. Staying in Glendale next to the Arizona Cardinals stadium. Hogs Haven happy hour at the Yard House on Wednesday.