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Leonard Hankerson Is By Far The Most Beloved Redskins Draft Pick

There has certainly been a lot of buzz within the Redskins fanbase about the team's top draft pick, Leonard Hankerson.

What's that? He wasn't the team's top draft choice? He was their third pick? Well, it certainly feels like he was their first rounder based on the kind of attention Redskins Nation has given the guy.

This guy has been getting boatloads of love from the moment Doug Williams called his name at the podium at Radio City Music Hall. Draft experts were quick to laud the selection, and that same enthusiasm quickly spread across the fanbase.

That isn't to say he doesn't deserve the love.  

He has just about what the Redskins need in a receiver: Size, speed, hands, and the toughness to go over the middle. Pretty much everything the Redskins receiving corps has lacked over the past few seasons, he possesses.

Since being drafted, Hankerson has already made sure to show every how much he loves being a Redskin, with the fanbase enjoying every bit of it. He proclaimed his drafting to the Redskins may have been predetermined. He worked out last week with future Hall of Fame QB John Beck. And now, he recently posed for Topps in a Redskins jersey for the first time, wearing number 85. It's as if he is saying in that photo,"Don't worry, Redskins fans, you'll never think of Darnerien McCants or Brandon Lloyd ever again after seeing me in this 85 jersey".

And with all the (deserved) attention he's getting from the fanbase since the draft, let's hope that sentiment holds true once the lockout ends season starts.