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Could Terence Newman Be a Redskin?

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The cornerback situation in the NFC East is becoming increasingly interesting as rumors swirl this offseason. Clearly the top dog on the market is former Raiders CB and 3-time Pro Bowler Nnamdi Asomugha. The Giants are the only team set at CB since they added Prince Amukamara via the draft; while all the Skins, Eagles, and Cowboys will all be bidding for other CB's services.

There is an outside shot that Asomugha will go to the Texans or Buccaneers, but I would be willing to bet he ends up across from Asante Samuel and joins the Eagles. That leaves Washington and Dallas left to bid for the services of another CB. It seems as if Plan B for the NFC East teams (excluding Washington) has become Carlos Rogers, who, I believe, will be set to join the Cowboys or the Eagles depending on who gets Asomugha. Furthermore the rumor out of Big D is that they would cut eight year veteran Terence Newman. Can a case be made to bring in Newman as a Redskin?

Newman will be 33 when the season begins this year, but was a Pro Bowler as recently as 2009. Because of his age he certainly isn't a long term solution to partner with DeAngelo Hall, but he could be a good stop gap for a year or two. I would also imagine that Newman would come relatively cheaply and it would allow us to sign other complementary pieces at DB like Richard Marshall, Josh Wilson, etc. Most interestingly, Newman is coming off a year in which he had a career high in interceptions (5) and tackles (77), meanwhile Carlos Rogers has never had more than two picks in a season.

So should the Redskins pursue Terence Newman?