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Santana Moss Has 10th Most Drops of Top 45 WRs Last Three Years

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(note: this is still a good news post)

In this slow news times, thank Jebus for websites like Pro Football Focus and Football Outsiders.  They've been using the free time to highlight team and player stats that are half-sober minds (at the time) fail to recollect. PFF's most recent post highlights the best/worst WRs in 2010 and over the last three years. 

In regards to last season, none of the Redskins WRs finished in the top or bottom for drops, but over the last three years, Moss' name did pop up as 10th worst:

Rank Player Team Receptions Drops Catchable Drop %
36 Santana Moss WAS 242 29 271 10.70%

Over this three year space, Anquan Boldin had almost exactly the same number of balls thrown his way (273), yet he only dropped 15. Moss had a career best last season with 93 receptions. In simple math, the fact Moss was not in the worst 10 this past season for drops means he improved his average from the Zorn era. Surely, having a Coach like Shanahan lining him up all over the field to put him in space helped. I still am having trouble getting over that dropped ball at Dallas, but it is what it is. Of course, he didn't drop this one: