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What Should the Skins do with Fat Al?

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This topic has been exhausted over and over again, but the rumor mill has been swirling with Albert Haynesworth this past week and his likely destination for the 2011 season. But what is the best option for the Redskins? In my eyes trade partners have dwindled substantially since the draft. I truly only see three options on the table regarding AH right now.

Option 1: Trade Haynesworth to Denver for Kyle Orton. The rumors regarding this trade started happening over a month ago. It seems as if from the Broncos side that it has gained more momentum, from the standpoint that they are heavily discussing making Tim Tebow or even Brady Quinn the guy in Denver. I think John Fox is one of the few coaches in this league that could try to get something out of the apathetic Haynesworth. But in Washington I'm not sure if this trade has much legs anymore with the continued hype of John Beck becoming the starting QB. If Beck is the starter in Mike Shanahan's mind then it would make no sense to trade for Orton and I can't find a comparable piece in Denver, besides Orton (unless its a draft pick).

Option 2: The rumor that has picked up the most speed this past week is AH going to the Eagles and being reunited with his old defensive line coach from Tennessee, Jim Washburn. This would certainly be the best situation for AH, having Washburn along with the fact of playing the Redskins twice a year would probably be the only way to motivate him. But this would be a horrible option for the Skins, as much as AH is a cancer in DC we cannot afford to send him to a division rival where he can flourish. He also doesn't deserve to be happy or to dictate where he goes, so this is another reason I would veto this trade.

Option 3: Keep him in DC. This makes the most sense to me, having AH this year isn't that big of a risk, football wise. His cost is relatively "low" compared to prior years. If he's great, then awesome! If he sucks or does what he did this past year then cut him at the end of the season. At that point AH would be fat, out of shape, 31 years old, and would have not played any meaningful football for nearly 3 years. Of course the risk of keeping AH is having a malcontent in the locker room and having a distraction on and off the field. But at the same time, hasn't the Albert Haynesworth story gotten a little old? And won't it run out of legs?