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Albert Haynesworth for Kyle Orton Trade Rumors Heating up?

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Broncos need a DT and Redskins need a QB..naturally, someone started a rumor. Via the Mothership:

Denver never took a defensive tackle, despite it being its greatest need...The rumor mill in Denver is already spinning a Kyle Orton-Albert Haynesworth trade. Washington needs a quarterback and Denver needs defensive tackle. Makes senses, would Denver want to pay Haynesworth?

Well, because of all the upfront bonuses, Haynesworth is on the cheap the next 2 seasons before the poison pill bonus kicks in. I used to laugh at Chicago's QB situation when they were undecided between Grossman and, now there's a chance the Redskins could have both of these guys? Sigh.

Pass. As much as I'm ready for the Haynesworthless era to end, adding another QB who doesn't know this system makes little sense. He threw for 20 TDs, 9 INTs, and 3653 yards in 13 games. Not too shabby, but Grossman is just as good/bad.

Orton has $9 million and 1 year left on his contract.