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Looks Like Someone Has a Sixpack of the Mondays: Big Weekend for Washington...and the Redskins

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1. Osama bin Laden's death is the story of the day, and rightfully so. In addition to thanking the brave men and women who have been--and continue to be--tasked with the mission of serving overseas, I want to make sure we recognize all the military family members who have earned the right to be the most proud of this achievement. If you're reading this, on behalf of Hogs Haven, thank you.

2. The draft was a success--though not necessarily because of any specific selection. The first round was exciting to watch and I thought it lived up to its "must-see" billing. From Roger Goodell getting booed, to the Falcons paying a king's ransom for Julio Jones and even to the Redskins adding so many additional draft picks, the event was a much-needed break from the lockout. (Even though the lockout loomed large in just about every conversation on both ESPN and the NFL Network.)

3. We will talk about it all summer, but I continue to be very impressed with the job Bruce Allen did in gaining additonal picks in this draft. He told me (and many others) on the phone that he would have more picks than what he started with in the 2011 Draft. Clearly, those weren't just words to appease a restless fan base tired of meager drafts.

4. While some teams were picking up a starter or two in the draft, others had the luxury of looking for depth. We found ourselves needing both, and I think we were successful in finding both. Now, the job is hardly done, and was never a one-year project. We likely need at least one more big haul like this one to get to a place where we can perhaps consider other draft strategies. I think we found 4 starters in our top 4 picks. Keep in mind, on the majority of teams in the NFL, this would not be the case. But looking at our depleted roster, it is not hard to envision Ryan Kerrigan, Jarvis Jenkins, Leonard Hankerson and Roy Helu earning starting jobs. Helu is the longshot of course, with Ryan Torain slotted at the top of the depth chart. But injury concerns continue to dog Torain, and if Helu can come in and run with some power in the preseason without fumbling he has a chance.

5. I openly campaigned for offensive linemen at the top of the draft. But you won't hear me complain because we brought in two guys that will hopefully bolster our defensive front seven in the first two rounds. The game of football is won and lost on the line of scrimmage, and we added two guys who will likely man spots on the line of scrimmage. I would love to see us attack the 2012 draft in a similar fashion and load up on two or three horses on the OL, but I won't moan about a draft that got us a pair of starters at impact positions.

6. The late-round pick that may have the best chance to make the team is Evan Royster, running back out of Penn State. Mike Shanahan likes his late-round running backs more than Vinny Cerrato likes his late-round punters. Royster played in a legit football conference, and left PSU as the all-time leading rusher. Given our current depth at the position, I would be more surprised to see Royster get cut than I would to see him make the team.