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Redskins Best and Worst 2011 Draft Pick

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Both Ken and I had a difficult time coming up with answers for both sides of these categories. The Redskins avoided all the questionable QBs and picked players with high character and a strong worth ethic.

Best pick: Ryan Kerrigan. A lot of people were scratching their head after the Kerrigan pick, but as I wrote on Friday morning, this pick will look a lot better once the Redskins draft a Nose Tackle in the 2nd round. Well, Shanahan went slightly in a different direction selecting DE Jarvis Jenkins and then NT Chris Neild in the 7th round. I had a brief email exchange with Mike Moeller, a Hogs Haven contributor that played football at West Virginia with Neild, who had this to say, "He's a toss up but it will be hard for the Skins to cut him because of his work ethic, he works real hard. One good thing is that he's a true nose tackle, he played it all five years are WVU." More on Neild from Moeller later this week.

Worst Pick:

I don't see one. The Jarvis Jenkins one has me a bit nervous since there were so many starting-caliber players still on the board. Time will tell, but I just can't bash any of these guys. Skip Bayless, where are you?

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