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11 Questions I Hope To Ask Mike Shanahan About Redskins 2011 Draft

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First off, all I can do is laugh at the peons that are giving the Redskins draft grades of "C," mainly for not drafting a Quarterback. So, the mainstream media bashes Shanahan for not taking a QB, yet these same computer nerds a year from now will label Shananan "a terrible evaluator" when all these QBs turn out to suck ((Dalton, Ponder, Gabbert)  - which they all will. It was a lose-lose for Shanahan in that regard, but luckily, unlike our previous decision makers, he could care less about media pressures and relies on his expertise and scouts. 

I really hope Hogs Haven gets to sit down with Shanahan for a few beers because these are the questions I would like to ask the Head Coach:

  1. If Mike Pouncey was still on the board at #16, would that have changed your 1st round pick in anyway? I know a team might have wanted to trade up and of course the Skins need a Guard AND Center.
  2. The Jarvis Jenkins pick. I couldn't help but noticed you passed over Marvin Austin. From a direct contact at UNC, I know his work ethic is there. Why did you pass on him?
  3. In a related note, the Giants DID draft him and now we have to face him 2x a year. What's the plan with the OLine and why did you feel the need to draft only 1 OLineman at all...and late at that? 
  4. With Anthony Bryant being the only (serviceable) Nose Tackle on the roster and the several Defensive linemen you drafted , can we expect to see more of a 4-3 look this season? (Note: Chris Neild selected in 7th round is a NT)
  5. Speaking of Jarvis Jenkins, what do you like about him over the following players still on the board: Brooks Reed, Marvin Austin, Stefen Wisniewski, Stephen Paea, Randall Cobb, Da'Quan Bowers, Benjamin Ijalana, Mikel Leshoure, and Greg Little?
  6. It's hard to find any Redskins fan that will dislike the Hankerson pick in the 3rd round. Kenrick Ellis was still on the board...was he ever an option?
  7. Moving to the 4th round, you take your first Running Back, Roy Helu. Kendall Hunter, a favorite of mine I got to talk to at the combine, was still there there as was CB Rashad Carmichael - why Helu over the rest? 
  8. Picks 177 and 178 in the 5th round...Tyrod Taylor was still there....he obviously was never on your board. I I was happy the Redskins avoided all QBs, but what made him a bad pick this late in the draft?
  9. You had 6 draft picks last year and only Dennis Morris is currently not on the roster/practice squad. Only 1 player last year really contributed, Trent Williams. Can we expect more out of the 2010 class in 2011? (and don't respond "Well, I hope so.")
  10. Can we talk about the Center position? No? Good...because the Panthers drafted a Center and they already have a Pro-Bowler there. Is Rabach really serviceable another year or are the fans in the dark with Erik Cook and possibly Lichtensteiger or Montgomery taking over? (The Cowboys drafted 2 OL in the first 4 rounds).
  11. Can you pick up the tab?