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List of Redskins 2011 Draft Class Players

Round Name School Position Size/40
1 (16) Ryan Kerrigan Purdue DE/OLB 6/4-267/4.67
2 (41) Jarvis Jenkins Clemson DE 6'4-310/5.03
3 (79) Leonard Hankerson Miami WR 6'2-209/4.40
4 (105) Roy Helu Nebraska RB 6'0-219/4.40
5 (146) DeJon Gomes Nebraska SS 6'0-208/4.50
5 (155) Niles Paul Nebraska WR/KR 6'1-224/4.45
6 (177) Evan Royster PSU RB 6'0-212/4.65
6 (178) Aldrick Robinson SMU WR 5'10-184/4.35
7 (213) Brandyn Thompson Boise St DB 5'9-189/4.47
7 (217) Maurice Hurt Florida Guard 6'3-318/5.39
7 (224) Markus White FSU LB 6'4-266/4.86
7 (253) Chris Neild West Virginia DT 6'2-319/5.11


A few things stand out:

- Only one offensive lineman drafted. That's downright scary. We have to assume Shanahan already has free agents in mind because it'd be criminal to leave the OLine in the state it's in now. (Ryan Harris)

- 3 straight draft picks from Nebraska. I only watched one Cornhuskers game all year, so I can't bring much to the table here. Here's a link to Roy Helu Jr.'s highlight reel. The kid can certainly juke. Niles Paul's highlight reel is spectacular...if you like DeSean Jackson-esque football.

- 3 Wide Receivers. That makes me happy. Hopefully drafting a U pass-catcher will help Tana want to come back that much more (for likely less $).

- Two defensive linemen with the first two picks. When was the last time that happened in DC? The answer: 1984. (Bob Slater and Steve Hamilton)

- While all these picks look good, realistically half of these guys will make the team. Any early guess who DOES make it from the later picks?