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Pickled Hogs Radio Tonight with Robert Henson, Ivan Carter - 9PM

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Fpradio_mediumFor those that missed it on Twitter, Redskins ILB Robert Henson and Hogs Haven's own Ken Meringolo dueled in Madden '11 last night. A couple months ago, they last played a couple months ago where Ken barely won behind the awesomeness of Clay Matthews.
After a lot of trash-talking by me (as @HogsHaven), Henson layed the WOOD to Kenny...65-18. Ken played with the Packers again and Hen with the Steelers. Randle El was the MVP of this game, which is a nice swift kick to the groin for the Meringolo family. When Kenny stopped returning my texts during the route, I tweeted to Hen asking him to run a fake FG on Kenny....he subsequently did it not once, but twice. 

Washington Post Live's Ivan Carter will join us on Pickled Hogs Radio tonight at 910PM and Henson at 930PM. With the influx of draft picks coming in, we'll also discuss if any numbers that usually are off-limits (28, 81, 65, 71, 7, etc) should be allowed to be worn, and vice versa.

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Here's the full dialog of Henson and myself while Kenny was getting bent over:
The evening starts with some early trash-talk. Henson played with the Steelers and Kenny with the Packers. (Henson narrowly lost to Ken last time as Redskins playing against Ken and the Packers).

@HogsHaven - Kevin
Here's a pic of @Mr_Henson51 playing ps3 now

@Mr_Henson51 - Robert Henson 
This is a pic of Ken from @HogsHaven and I playing Madden in my basement when I beat his head in

@Mr_Henson51 - Robert Henson
30 minutes until my match up with Ken @HogsHaven don't run

@HogsHaven - Kevin
@Mr_Henson51 Oh Ken is there. TD! 7-7

@Mr_Henson51 - Robert Henson
@HogsHaven uumm hello?? WHAT!!! Hello 28-7 I can't hear you??????

@Mr_Henson51 - Robert Henson
@HogsHaven boy Ken running that Jim Zorn offense

@LL56xtremeskins LL
@Mr_Henson51 @HogsHaven swinging gate or 3 and out? Ha

@HogsHaven - Kevin
@LL56xtremeskins @Mr_Henson51 hhha. Hen, please score on a fake FG. #ultimatekicktothenuts #kensux

@Mr_Henson51 - Robert Henson
@HogsHaven ok

@Mr_Henson51 - Robert Henson
@HogsHaven there you go bro fake field goal Danny smith style

@HogsHaven - Kevin
Hhhaha. You chewing bazooka gum? Ken still in hidin

@Mr_Henson51 - Robert Henson

(Final score was 65-18)

@RegJones29 -Reggie Jones
@HogsHaven @Mr_Henson51 lol... that's how u do it right there... ~$HOWTIME

@DoubleD15 - Doug Dutch
@Mr_Henson51 nigga who the hell r u playn

@Mr_Henson51- Robert Henson
@DoubleD15 Ken from @HogsHaven

@AdelaideBoyz- P. Boone
@Mr_Henson51 Congratuation on ur win over ken from @HogsHaven ..p.s. seen ur twitvid... this is what i just saw...

@WarpathDC Deez
@HogsHaven @mr_henson51 that is the second raping committed by Roethisberger

@modenwelder Mark Odenwelder
@Mr_Henson51 @hogshaven ken is turrible.

And in true buttkicking fashion, Hen tweeted a short video to pronounce his beat-down. Here's something to show your grandkids Kenny: