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Carlos Rogers: "It would be fun to play against the Redskins twice a year."

Long-time Washington Times, Redskins beat-writer, David Elfin, just posted a column on 106.7 with a rather candid interview with Carlos Rogers. For those of you expecting the Auburn Cornerback to return, don't count on it:

"I ain't never discounting the Redskins, but my mindset right now is that it's time for a change," said Rogers, "I don't think I've been as appreciated as I should be in that organization, not by everybody. I've always been the No. 2 corner, but I'm the one they put on a guy they want to shut down. I just don't have the interceptions like DeAngelo Hall has and Shawn (Springs, Hall's predecessor) used to have.

While that is true, turnovers are often a big reason games are won. 

"My agent's real confident that I'm going to get a good contract. After [Oakland's Nnamdi Asomugha], who's going to get real big money, I'm the next corner out there. You hear that the Cowboys and Eagles are looking for a corner. It would be fun to play against the Redskins twice a year."

It's well-known Carlos is in debt, and I had heard that at some point he was living in Jason Campbell's house this past season. The guy's play definitely will pull in some money somewhere, though I'm not sure it will be the major haul he's looking for. With the Redskins fan-based already pissed off from 3 straight years of abysmal play, a comment about playing against your former team, that still IS your current team, probably won't be well-received.

Hey, at least now we're  talking about something other than Mormon Quarterbacks.

Additional Note - 5:28PM: As I mentioned in the comments, Carlos got a raw deal here. He was a good teammate and player through the abysmal Zorn years. When he was due a new contract after the 2009 season, the CBA fell back to the old rules and he was tendered as a RFA. As Carlos alluded to, the team doesn't appear to want him despite his reliable defensive performance. It's true the missed turnovers were pain-staking at times, but how many times do you recall him missing a tackle or getting burned? Not a whole lot. Sure, it's a reason to pass on re-signing a guy, but I hate seeing bad blood spill over to the media. Too bad this didn't end amicably. It is what it is.