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Daily Slop: ESPN NFC East Blog is Back; Redskins Players Planning More Workouts

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Deion Sanders to be inducted into College FB HOF - College Football -
Ken Meringolo finally has a reason to dust off that Redskins Sanders jersey.

NFC East Blog - ESPN
Is finally back. Matt Moseley is with FoxSports in Dallas. New guy was beat writer for Yankees and MLB. He has no allegiances to any team except Georgetown University. Works for me.

Leonard Hankerson training with John Beck in San Diego | Rich Tandler's Real Redskins
In a phone interview with Lavar and Dukes, Beck abruptly handed the phone over to Hankerson, so obviously, they're working for together. Baldinger " McNabb to Minnesota makes a lot of sense
Well thought-out article. Vikes can't just through Ponder out there.

Redskins players planning more group workouts - The Insider - The Washington Post
The workouts are tentatively scheduled for Tuesday,Wednesday and Thursday next week while school is in session.

Best & Worst Tackling Safeties |
Atogwe top-15, Kareem Moore 5th worst.

Tackling Corners |
None of the Redskins CBs made the top or worst 10.

Nevada Supreme Court declines to hear O.J. Simpson's appeal for freedom - ESPN
O.J. Simpson's lawyer won't get a chance to plead for the imprisoned former football star's freedom before the full seven-member Nevada Supreme Court.

Now They're Making Fun Of Jay Cutler In The Wisconsin Senate Race - Deadspin