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Redskins WR Niles Paul is Ahman Green's Nephew; 'Served' Prince Amukamara in Practice

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Our friends over at Ball Hogs Radio conducted a gem of an interview with Redskins 2012 draft pick, Niles Paul. Here are some of the highlights, including Paul saying he had his way with Amukamara in practice. I wasn't personally high on Amukamara given his ridiculously low INT totals but enjoy:

BHR: You were born and raised in Omaha. Do you have any special workout stories? Anything you did special to get this strong?

Niles Paul: My uncle is Ahman Green and he played for the Green Bay Packers. He had a very long career. I used to go to Green Bay every summer in high school and we'd work out together. When I used to come back after every summer, people noticed the difference.

BHR: What was it like facing Prince Amukamara every day in practice? 

Niles Paul: We used to have this discussion on the radio stations in Nebraska all the time. People who came to practice and actually witnessed it, I served him. In all seriousness though, we had our battles. He's one of my best friends, I love him, but I can't wait to play against him.

BHR: Would you say you're more of a big-play, downfield threat or a possession receiver?

Niles Paul: Being at Nebraska, I've been trained to do both since we've had so many different quarterbacks. When I really stepped into the starting role my junior year, I was a go downfield, make big plays kind of receiver. That's when we had Zach Lee, who was my quarterback of preference, he trusted me. He threw it deep and I went and got it for him. Last year it was more a short passing game. I think I've been trained to do both.

Hard-working kids with confidence - good stuff. Full interview at