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Looks Like Someone Has a Sixpack of the Mondays: Lockout On, Pants Off

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1. Not sure what the title means either...been a long Monday.

2. Was anyone else as shocked as me that Jammal Brown played as much as he did in 2010? As Kevin pointed out today, he fell short of the threshold that would have sent a 6th round pick out the door. Just goes to show you how checked out I must have been by gametime at the end of the season...I had NO CLUE that Jammal Brown was even sniffing the 90% level of playing time.

3. I blame credit our amazing tailgate. If my recollection serves me right, I believe Charlie Sheen was our leading rusher in one game in late November. Yes...yes that was him alright. And Rex Grossman was our quarterback.

4. Hahahaha...just kidding, Rex Grossman never played quarterback for us--that would just be ridiculous.

5. Today, I told Kevin that Hank was going down as an all-time great at wide receiver in the burgundy and gold. Some of you will agree with me that this is not a bold prediction. When we interviewed him last week, I'm telling you: he is a no-nonsense guy. He struck me immediately as a guy who was ready to go to work. As in, he appears to actually take being a professional seriously. He told us he doesn't dance in the end zone--he just hands the ball to the ref. He is going to get an opportunity right away. If he takes hold of it in a way that some of his predecessors failed out.

6. For a second, let's suppose that Hank and Kerrigan are for real in 2011. Which jersey would you buy and why (assuming you are the jersey-wearing type)?