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Redskins Narrowly Avoid Losing 2012 6th Round Pick for Jammal Brown

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Jammal Brown, the gift that keeps on giving.
Jammal Brown, the gift that keeps on giving.

When the Redskins traded for Jammal Brown, I pretty much remembered the deal being a conditional 3rd or 4th round pick based on how McNabb's performance ended up. Well, it's slightly more complicated:

There is also a conditional 2012 sixth-round pick involved. Should Brown play 90 percent of the plays next season or get voted to the Pro Bowl, Washington will send its 2012 sixth-round pick to New Orleans.

Ruh-roh. Jammal Brown played in 15 games this past season, so I sent Pro Football Focus a message asking for their snap total on Brown, and they quickly responded:

We have him at 86.2%, but our snap counts slightly different, includes penalties that nullify plays etc. Seems big enough gap though.

Whew. I remember Jammal Brown got scratched for the Jacksonville game for "flu-like symptoms." Heyer had a lot more action than 10% of the snaps, but then I recalled he filled in for Trent Williams who missed two games with an injury. When I look at late round picks like Selvish Capers and Chris Neild (7th rounders), I consider every exiting pick to be a big deal.

As of now, the Redskins have all of their 2012 picks and an additional 4th round pick thanks to the Jason Campbell trade.