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Redskins Draft: Nice Focus on Defensive Front, But No O-linemen Until 7th Round

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A few days after the NFL draft, Ken Meringolo of Hogs Haven and WTOP Redskins beat reporter George Wallace joined me on my TV show, "Burgundy & Gold Magazine," for an analysis of the Redskins' picks.  You had to be elated that Mike Shanahan and company maneuvered during the draft to amass 12 picks, after so many years of a dearth of selections.  And I liked the fact that the Redskins focused on the defensive front, one of many areas where they need resuscitation, with their first- and second-round picks.  Ryan Kerrigan and Jarvis Jenkins will make impacts this season.  Some of the specialty players such as WR Leonard Hankerson and RB Roy Helu also look promising.  But I was disappointed that we waited until the seventh round to draft an offensive lineman.  The Skins yielded 46 sacks last year, one of the highest totals in the NFL.  The line is in shambles.  Center Casey Rabach is aging fast, and right tackles Jamaal Brown and Stephon Heyer are eligible for free agency this year if it happens.  Whoever ends up at QB will need to take out an insurance policy with Lloyd's of London.  That's why I gave the Redskins a C+.  Meringolo and Wallace both rated their draft in the B range.  Check out what was a very lively and entertaining dicussion.  How do you think the Redskins faired in the draft?

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