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9 Things I Learned About Redskins WR Leonard Hankerson

Hank graduates this afternoon from the U. Congrats!
Hank graduates this afternoon from the U. Congrats!

Hank joined us on our Pickled Hogs Radio show last night where we covered a wide range of topics.

  1. Hankerson graduates today from the U with an Arts & Sciences Major. Congrats.
  2. One of the electives he took was "Dancology." When I asked what his first TD dance move will be suggesting The Dougie or Stanky Leg, he replied, "I don't celebrate much...just flip the ball off." That reminds me of another Redskins great WR.
  3. He still does not have a copy of the playbook, but I'm working on that
  4. He has not seen Santana at all this off-season, but is working out with Andre Johnson and Roscoe Parrish (among others). In regards to what he's done with Andre Johnson, "Not much...running routes, lifting weights, just staying in shape." 
  5. WRs he's looked up to: Terrell Owens ("big, strong, physical"), OJ McDuffie, and Chris Carter (who was his position coach in High School).
  6. He's never met Clinton Portis before but has met Luther Campbell a couple times. Note, if you haven't see the ESPN 30/30 on the U, you're really missing out. Do it today.
  7. Being from Miami, he's a Heat fan, but I can happily report he does not own a LeCrabDribble jersey. 
  8. His agent is Drew Rosenhaus (like all U players)
  9. Went to the same High School as Michael Irvin and ironically broke all his records at Miami. 

As we mentioned earlier, Hankerson was a team captain at the U and that really came through in the interview. I'll forever be skeptical on WRs since all of my in-person interviews with Devin Thomas made me a believer, but I've got my chips pushed in with Hankerson. Well spoken even when I mentioned the 7th Floor Crew, one of my favorite late night party anthems. (He was never a part of that song but was a rookie when a lot of those guys were Seniors).

Follow Hank on Twitter at @hanktime85, he's very responsive to fans.