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Problems With the Redskins Community

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When it rains, it pours at Redskins Park.
When it rains, it pours at Redskins Park.

I'm going to be honest and straight forward, this is a rant and if you don't want to listen to a rant then please don't read this. But I'm sick and tired of the news/rumors/lies that comes out of Redskins Park and irresponsibly so, in my mind. This never seemed to happen pre-Snyder and happened to a lesser extent during Gibbs 2.0, and you can certainly attribute a lot of it to the internet age. But what is the goal of some of the media members and especially the old players? To totally bring down the Redskins?

I hear guys like Brian Mitchell and Lavar Arrington talk about how proud they were to be Redskins and how much they love the team, but continually find ways to hurt the team through their words. There also seems to be a slew of "bloggers/writers" that seem their only prerogative is to get a story out is fast as they can no matter if it's true or not.

This is a real problem at Redskins Park and with the organization.

I know its a journalist job to ask tough question, but the irresponsibility is getting out of hand. It's not fair that someone can sit behind a keyboard, convey a rumor, and say their sources are "players" and "team sources". Things need to be kept behind closed doors and this whole McNabb wristband thing is one of them. If a player did "leak" this then that player needs to learn how to shut up and realize how they hurting their teammates and their organization.

Hopefully this will start to change with the quality of men, teammates, and leaders he brings into the organization. Does anyone remember watching the Broncos on MNF when Shanny was there? Like when the Broncos were a staple in the playoffs every year? When the players would introduce themselves the offensive line would refuse to do so, they wouldn't even let MNF take their pictures. In fact, I believe, that any members of the line would not even talk to the media. Let's hope that translates here.

Certainly a lot of this goes square on the shoulders of Daniel Snyder in the manner in which he has handled the team. But current players and past players should have a sense of pride in this team and organization. There is a credible, hard nosed coach in the District now, who hopefully is going to take this bull. And there is also a capable general manager who generally believes in the great history of this franchise and doing things the right way. I can see older players, like John Riggins, being frustrated because they saw how great the franchise was when it was ran the right way. But a guy like Lavar Arrington? He has always been here when the team was more or less a joke, especially in the way it was run. So if he "loves" the franchise and the fans the way he says he does then he should be a supportive alumni and stop saying detrimental things that hurt the team. I think he's just here to be a local celebrity more then anything.

But this isn't about Lavar, it's about a culture that needs to be changed starting in Ashburn, VA; and I'm hoping that that culture is starting to be changed. Who are the players leaking this news? What do they have to gain out of it? Why would they do it? It's extremely frustrating. Think of incidents elsewhere, take VY-Fisher exchange in the locker room during the Redskins game. All we know is there was a confrontation and to this day Titans players REFUSE to talk in-depth about and say what went on that day. That's the way things should be, whether you agree with an individuals actions or not, these guys need to be Redskins and they need to be brothers.

I would love to get everyone's take on this and maybe I'm wrong so please feel free to disagree.