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Eyes of the Turk: Offense

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No this isn't about Matt Turk or a character on an awful sitcom, for those who don't know a Turk in the NFL is the guy who is chosen to deliver the news to the players that they are no longer on the team. With the influx of so many draft picks this past April the Turk will certainly be busy in Ashburn this year. But on the offensive side of the ball who are the players that need to be looking over their shoulder?

Casey Rabach: This is more hopeful thinking then job jeopardy. Rabach was terrible last year to the point where he should of been wearing a matador's cape. He just came off of offseason surgery and will be 34 at the end of September. For some reason Shanny just seems to be inclined to keep this guy though. When the lockout was briefly lifted there was ole' #61, Wisconsin ball cap and all waiting to get in the door. Hopefully some of our younger guys like Lichtensteiger, Cook, and Montgomery can finally push this guy over the hill.

Mike Sellers: I just think Sellers needs to go, but he's another guy that keeps weaseling he way back in. He's blocking is atrocious and for a 6'3, 275 lbs behemoth of a man he's the worst 1 yard runner I've ever seen. Right now Sellers doesn't have much competition, but one free agent signing could signal a clear change (Please Vonta Leach Please!).

Mike Williams: There will be a lot of OL in camp and I just think the cards are really stacked against Big Mike.

Andre Brown, James Davis, Shawnbrey McNeal, Chad Simpson: Drafting Roy Helu and Evan Royster pretty much spelled the end for these guys. I'm sure if there were OTAs and spring mini-camps then they would of been the first victims.

Taurus Johnson, Mo Price, Roydell Williams: Same reasons as the running backs.

Brandon Banks: Some of you are going to go "WHHAAAAT!!!!", but Banks is a pretty one dimensional player and I feel, as fans, we overvalue our own players. Is Banks exciting to watch? Yes. But I just don't think he has a long future in DC. Remember the fumble problems in preseason and at the beginning of the year? Shanny has already pointed at Banks just performing punt return duties (not KR) and I think some of the draft picks, like Niles Paul, were chosen to replace Banks. Also I don't think Banks has the talent to be a valuable contributor at WR.

Malcolm Kelly: We all know why.

Anthony Armstrong: You are going to think I'm crazy (or may already) but I really think AA is on the hot seat. Yes, he had a nice year but is he talented enough to stay on this roster? If Moss comes back then it's basically going to be dog fight between AA, MK, Paul, and Robinson for roster spots. Moss/Hankerson on the outside with Aldrick Robinson in the slot is looking mighty tasty to me.