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Pickled Hogs Radio - Special Guest Leonard Hankerson - 8PM

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Well, the show must gone on, and I'm excited for our guest tonight: 3rd round draft WR, from The U, Leonard Hankerson. Anyone that listens to our show knows we like to ask questions beyond the exhausted, "What is the biggest adjustment going from the college to the NFL?" Having asked Devin Thomas all these questions, I care more about getting to know the person then getting back automated responses to route running. 

Other topics on the agenda tonight include:

- Is the John Beck praise an elaborate smoke and mirrors show?

- What Redskin we each think we could beat up in an alley fight (kickers off the table) if we had to.

- Is it feasible the Redskins at any point in 2011 would tank a season to help their draft status?

The show starts at 8PM.

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