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Kicking Tires: Kerry Collins

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Lets stay in the really old used cars section today for kicking tires and take a look at a Tennessee Titans quarterback not named Vince Young. Kerry Collins is currently a free agent after his fifth season with the Titans.

Collins is another guy the Redskins can bring in to potentially back up John Beck if McNabb and Grossman are gone, and should come at a relatively cheap price. This will be the seventeenth season for the 38 year old veteran, who will turn 39 towards the end of season.

Of course the knock on Collins is his age, along with the fact that he has not completed a 16 game NFL season since 2002, but who better to be a veteran/capable back up should our starter go down? Beyond that my other major concern is Collins' locker room presence, I've heard some horror stories from his Carolina days and it didn't really seem like he was ever in the mood to mentor Vince Young, so is Collins a cancer in the locker room? Or is he just a wily vet trying to get some playing time?

Truthfully, I would fully expect Collins to be back with the Titans as they bring Jake Locker along. But if he's not and John Beck is our starter, then should we give Collins a look to add some competition in camp and to man the back up spot in DC?