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Let's Put the Vince Young Rumor to Bed Once and For All

Redskins Nation, on Twitter at least, seems to be quite divided on whether the Redskins should or even would bring in the questionable but talented Quarterback, Vince Young, to Redskins Park. At the Combine this year, I had the pleasure of meeting Titans long-time beat writer, Jim Wyatt, of the Tennessean. He was nice enough to take my call today and shed some light on what really went wrong in Tennessee,  what Young's teammates thought of the QB, and the likelihood Fisher or Dinger would give a positive job reference in behalf of the former Longhorn QB (Spolier Alert: Negative infinity): 

Kevin: I'm not sure if it's big news in TN but Vince Young to DC rumors are rampant.

Jim Wyatt: I can't understand why there's so much activity right now. Players and coaches can't even talk. 

It seems the notion is out there that Jeff Fisher had it out for Young and it was his ego that kept the talented QB off the field.

Jim Wyatt: Well, Vince jumped under the bus himself. He's got some basic qualities, but he doesn't work hard. Most guys on the team don't even cheer for him. Most of the guys see right through him. He says all the right things. I can't see Fisher or Heimerdinger endorsing him to Shanahan. 

There's probably four or five players that support him.

Well, the Young supporters are quick to point to his 60%+ career winning record and how that translated for the Titans.

I mean, they won games but it wasn't necessarily him doing it all the time. He won a lot of time because of the defense or Chris Johnson. I don't want to discredit everything he was doing, but he wasn't the sole reason they were winning games.

Shanahan and Dinger worked together in San Fran and Denver, so a lot of media and fans are making that correlation that it'd be a natural transition for Young to DC.

Wyatt: That's the reason it'd never happen. He didn't have a great support in the locker room or from the coaches...he was disrespectful and Fisher corrected him and he stormed out.

Wyatt also was clear that he doesn't know anything about the rumor or what the Redskins are thinking, but I'm climbing aboard his boat that there's no way Shanahan brings in another head case that doesn't want to put forth effort.  As for VYoung's offense, one can view his stats here. They're neither stellar nor great.

Can we once and for all put this rumor to bed?