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Kicking Tires: Matt Hasselbeck

I cannot stress enough that these "Kicking Tires" posts are intended to look at possible, last resort solutions should Donovan McNabb be traded and Rex Grossman not retained, in no way are these suggested solutions for the course the Redskins should take. These are intended to be brief looks into other speculative free agents around the league that perhaps could find themselves in Burgundy and Gold come August.

The Seahawks, through various reports, made it clear yesterday that Matt Hasselbeck will not be back with the club and that they will take their chances with Charlie Whitehurst or another veteran. Immediately the blogosphere had various speculative reports linking Hasselbeck to the Redskins.

Hasselbeck would most likely be a one year "stop gap" veteran for the Skins or a possible quarterback battle guy to help motivate and bring out the competitive best in John Beck. He's been in the West Coast Offense for his whole career and could probably pick up the offense pretty easily.

The big negative is the fact that Hasselbeck will be 36 this season and has been plagued by injury problems throughout the past couple of years, though he has had flashes of his old self.

I guess what I'm trying to find in these post is a guy (if McNabb/Grossman are elsewhere) that can push John Beck and also act as a serviceable back up if they need to start. So given those parameters, it seems like a guy like Hasselbeck would be a pretty good fit, especially if he could help mentor a younger project QB like Pat Devlin or Scott Tolzien. The one thing that Hasselbeck possesses that other free agents do not is undeniable leadership and experience.