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Don't be Surprised if Vince Young Becomes a Redskin

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Something funny happened during the last three days of the NFL Draft. The Redskins ignored their most glaring need, at the teams most important position; quarterback.

Now some will say the chips didn't fall into place as many though they would have, with the possibility of selecting Jake Locker vanishing at the hand of the Tennessee Titans by pick 8. Others may have been surprised that the Redskins passed up on the opportunity to select Blain Gabbert at 10, instead deciding to trade back with Jacksonville to pick 16. A few more were still surprised when Arkansas Ryan Mallett was still sitting there in the second round, and Shanahan passed him by not once, but twice. At this point it became evident to me that Mike and Kyle Shanahan had different plans at quarterback.

Now Mike Shanahan is clever, and sneaky at the same time, but if you can manage to read between the blurred lines, you will see that he tells it like it is(for the most part). When asked about the quarterback situation in his press conference, Shanahan said a lot, by saying little. What I took away from those few, vague comments, was that the 2011 starting quarterback is not yet on this roster.

Two things happened with two different teams in the 2011 NFL Draft that make be think there is a chance Vince Young will become a Redskin. Please, let me explain.

First, the Tennessee Titans did what most expected of them; they took a quarterback in the draft. It just so happened that the quarterback they took was somewhat of a surprise to many. Jake Locker, whose stock had fallen after a dissapointing senior year, was their choice at number 8, putting to rest and questions that Vince Young could possibility be wearing a Titans jersey in 2011. The second somewhat strange thing the Titans didn't do, was select a defensive linemen with their first two picks. Many had projected Auburn's Nick Fairley to be an ideal fit for the Titans at number 8, but they choose to go elsewhere, even with Fairley still on the board.

The second strange thing that happened during the draft is something that I already mentioned. It was the Washington Redskins neglecting an obvious need at the quarterback position, in favor of defense with the first two picks.

Now, it's pretty obvious that Donovan McNabb isn't in the Redskins future plans at quarterback. He is due a 10 million roster bonus if he is on the team after week one, and if Shanahan's year-end benching of McNabb wasn't enough of an indication on the quarterbacks future, the 10 million roster bonus is. The starting quarterback for 2011 may not currently be on the Redskins roster. This is where Vince Young comes into play.

The Redskins have a need a quarterback, and a headache in Albert Haynesworth. The Titans have a need at defensive tackle, and a headache in Young. Shanahan likes athletic, mobile, strong-armed quarterbacks to run his offense. Young would offer the Redskins these things that Shanahan covets. Tennessee likes large, quick, dominate defensive tackles to get into the backfield and reek havoc. The Titans drafted Haynesworth out of Tennessee, and he was a 2-time All Pro for them before being signed as a free agent by Washington in 2009, so the Titans surely know what they are getting in Haynesworth, and how to get the most out of him.

Both the Titans and Redskins are looking for trading partners this offseason for their disgruntled stars, but since both teams have made it somewhat obvious that the two mentioned players aren't likely to be in their future plans, their trade values on the open market have been greatly diminished.

So a very likely scenerio for both teams would be a straight-up trade for the two players. The Redskins will have a mobile quarterback for the Shanahan's to work with, and the Titans will re-gain their once dominate defensive tackle, and put him back into a situation where he will succeed.

The great part of this deal is that both teams have already filled the need of the player they are trading away by addressing the position with a 2011 draft pick. Both players are in the prime of their career, and neither team is giving up the future to get help for the present.

Could this work? If history, coaching tendencies, and schemes have anything to say about it, I would say this could be a match made in diva heaven.