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One UDFA the Redskins Need to Call.

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I'm not totally sure what I feel about this draft, we certainly fulfilled my quantity over quality wish but maybe not in the best matter. Nevertheless there is one undrafted free agent Bruce Allen has to call as soon as these guys come available.

The guy I'm talking about is Delaware quarterback Pat Devlin. I don't know what Shanahan's plan are at QB, could be Rex, could be McNabb. But Devlin is a low risk steal right now.

Picking up Devlin is the definition of low risk, high reward. At one point Devlin was a 2nd round prospect, but sharply dropped this offseason and was passed up by all thirty two teams several times.

Here some more info on Devlin from my FCS Championship Game Preview:

Pat Devlin, QB, Delaware: A lot of people know who this guy is b/c he's following in Joe Flacco's footsteps, but have you seen him play yet. A lot of pundits have Devlin ranked as about the 5th or 6th best QB in the draft (now that Luck is gone) and he will probably go anywhere between the 2nd and 4th round. Devlin is 6'3, 225 and a lot more fiery and vocal than Flacco. He's a transfer from Penn State and probably his biggest plus is his release, he can really make some good throws and gets the ball out quickly. Probably the biggest downsize is his footwork under pressure, but hopefully that can be improved with coaching.