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Pickled Hogs Radio with guest Ken Harvey - 8PM Tonight


We have a very special guest tonight in Redskins great, LB Ken Harvey. Show will start at 8pm tonight so tune in. We'll be talking tonight about:

  • The top 10 NFL coaches, Shanahan is one of them. (Doug thinks he's a bad coach and living off his Super Bowl wins). 
  • Worst/dumbest athlete arrests. (Louis Murphy getting arrested for Viagra? Plaxico shooting himself?) I've got some better ones.
  • As we count-down the best/worst draft picks all-time for the Redskins, we debate who the #1 is in each category.
  • Ken Harvey will join us at 8:30 pm
  • Take some calls (great opportunity to rip Ken Meringolo)

Tune in here >>