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Outcome on the CBA in Courts Today Will Still Drag On

I wonder how Judge Judy would handle Roger Goodell.
I wonder how Judge Judy would handle Roger Goodell.

The Brady vs NFL takes center stage today in Minnesota as Judge Susan Nelson basically decides if the Lockout is allowed. National Football Post's Andrew Brandt lays out the scenarios, and what I failed to realize up front, was that no matter what she decides on, fans still have a LONG way to wait until there's a resolution. Today doesn't decide much. Here are the details of today's "resolution":

1. Deny the Injunction (Keep the lockout in place)

This would be put the NFL in the driver's seat for negotiation/settlement discussions...Simply, the lockout would continue: there will be no signings, no trades, no player workouts or rehabilitation at the facility, no contact between teams and players or agents. Nothing.

2. Grant the Injunction (Lift the lockout)

This is the result football fans want, although it is not as ideal as it sounds...The NFL will appeal this result to the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals. The question then becomes whether the NFL will resume business during appeal or whether the injunction is stayed (held), meaning more of the lockout.

Judge Nelson has great discretion here. She can grant the injunction and order it be enforced immediately - meaning the NFL must lift the lockout - regardless of appeal. Or she could stay the injunction (maintain the lockout) while the NFL appeals.

3. Back to the NLRB

Parallel to this entire courtroom drama has been the track the NFL pursuing an unfair labor practice charge in front of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).

So, in short, there's 0.00000001% chance there will be free agency before the draft and more likely than not this court battle will go through July. On that note, I'm now accepting good post ideas for the next 3 months.