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What The Redskins Can Expect Back in a 1st Round Trade

Given the myriad of holes on the Redskins offense defense roster and the missing 3rd (Jammal Brown) and 4th (McNabb) round picks, it's obviously in Shanahan's best interest to trade back. Based on the NFL pick value chart, the Redskins' 10th round pick is worth 1300 points. Looking at the draft board, the following teams seem to stand out as trade-back partners:

  • STL Rams leapfrog 4 spots to draft Julio Jones before the Texans do at #11. 
    The Rams pick is worth 1100 points, so a 200 point difference would get us the #14 pick and a mid 3rd round pick. (I like the sound of that)
  • The Patriots leapfrog 7 spots to draft Julio Jones.
    Belichick has 2 first round picks (17 and 28). It's rumored he wants to trade #28 for more picks, but the Pats need a stud WR. Belichick generally likes veteran WRs, but Brady is no Spring chicken. If this were to happen, the point difference would return the Redskins a mid-2nd round pick or two 3rds (both of which the Pats have an abundance of).

With rookie salaries definitely being on the cheap, the risk to trade up financially is a lot less, which puts playoff-caliber teams all in play (Jets, Bears, Falcons). Any team that trades from the back of the 1st round would return the Redskins that pick, and a 2nd and 3rd (assuming 2012 picks are not in the mix). I'm still hoping Vegas does a prop bet that the Redskins trade back, I'd put a couple hundred on that.

Oh, and with it being the 1-year anniversary of the McNabb trade, I found the perfect hat for Shanahan to wear for the rest of the month...